Gender Reveal Powder Cannon

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We Love Powder! It is big, bright, and easy to clean up.
Our Gender Reveal Powder Cannon are a great unique and very special way of celebrating a moment.

The cannon is of one single use and must be filled with Holi powder before firing, supplied in a satchel.
As holi powder by nature is very fine, we ship our confetti cannons empty with the coloured holi powder in a separate bag so that you or a friend can fill on the big day and no one who isn’t meant to know finds out before KABOOM!



Fill the cannon with the content of 1 bag of Holi powder for 50cm unit or 2 bags for 80cm unit.
Rotate the tube’s base clockwise while holding onto the superior part of the cannon with the other hand.

You can wear white and turn yourself into the color portrait for your reveal.
Get creative with these cannons with the classic sky shot or powder battle!

These cannons are for outdoor use ONLY.
Eye protection MUST be worn.

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Kaboom 50cm, Kaboom 80cm


Unknown Freight delivery, Boy, Girl, Unknown Pick up

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