Happy Streamer Party Popper (Spring Loaded) Three Pack

Original price was: $2.10.

Looking for a cost effective Party Popper?
Then the handheld Happy Streamer spring loaded units may be perfect for you.

Features include small handheld operation enabling kids and adults to operate.
Spring loaded so express freight is possible.
Filled with mixed colour metallic streamers and confetti.

We have a limited stock supply of these so please do not hesitate.


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The Happy Streamer spring loaded party popper is 11.5cm in size.
You get THREE per pack!
Fun for any party, these Party Poppers release a stream of colorful metallic foil when you twist them at the bottom.
The Party Poppers operate with springs, not fireworks, and can be used indoors or out to get everyone involved.
Great for kids parties or special events.

Twist activated propelling mixed metallic streamers and confetti 1 to 2 metres into the air. These party poppers are designed as a personal streamer and confetti party – these are not suitable for stadium events!
At this crazy price though you could give everyone in attendance a party popper and that will start the party!

Please note that spring loaded confetti dispensers are more gentle than air compressed confetti dispensers and priced accordingly!
If you need more of a bang and more confetti then purchase the Compressed Air Activated Handheld confetti cannons instead.
If unsure of you requirements please contact us first.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 cm