Kaboom Confetti Cannons

Kaboom Confetti has an array of Confetti Cannons and Streamer cannons and consumables to cater for a diverse range of event scenarios. From the smallest venues such as your back patio to large stadiums in just about any colour Kaboom Confetti can make your event go off with a BANG!

The most basic of proceedings can be uplifted with a simple burst of confetti at the right time.

  • Happy Birthday! Kaboom…
  • Our new Product! Kaboom…
  • May I introduce Mr and Mrs! Kaboom…

Confetti Cannons & Streamer cannons create excitement, fun and are the perfect addition to any celebration, performance or event.

Australia Wide Delivery

Stay Attached Hand Throw Streamers

From: $2.86 (Incl GST)

Fabulous Streamers. No Cleanup Required.  

Slide your finger through the loop. Rotate to tighten cup to your finger. Turn the cup with its lid facing up. Peel off the lid and set your thumb across the streamers to hold them in place. When the big moment comes, toss your hand up and out. Dozens of bright silver 5 metre streamers will cascade "out of nowhere." The dynamic waterfall effect of these slender serpentines makes for great photos.

Confetti Cannons: Handheld Flix Stix (Non-Gas Propelled)

From: $4.40 (Incl GST)

NOTE: Bulk Pricing Available

Wanting all the excitement of a confetti launch but don’t have the space?
Or want little children to be involved with the launch?
Then our Flix Stix are for you!

If you are looking for a way to add a personal touch to your party, Flix Stix are perfect for handing to guests at weddings, corporate business launches and birthday parties. Because they do not contain compressed air, they are safe to be used by anyone, anywhere - young or old, indoors or out.

With a swoosh of the Flix Stix, beautiful confetti will be launched into the air.  The Filx Stixs are filled with tissue confetti, which is both flame retardant and biodegradable.

Mini Bubble Bottles 16 or 24 pack

From: $6.30 (Incl GST)

Some times in life you just can not use confetti. Booooo!
Whether it is because they are small children (we suggest our handheld Flix Stix),
the perceived immediate environmental impact (we suggest using our Xtreme Biofetti)
or a picky venue. (we suggest you get us to contact them!)

For those rare times we stock these wonderful and fun mini bubble wand bottles.

Your party will POP with our Mini Bubble favors. These are small plastic containers filled with a non-toxic bubble solution with a bubble wand attached to each screw top lid.

We guarantee the lowest price for this item AUSTRALIA WIDE!!

Kaboom Handheld Confetti Cannons: One Shot Wonders

From: $29.95 (Incl GST)

NOTE: Bulk Pricing Available

Available in a choice of three sizes.
30cm, 50cm  and GIANT 80cm units.

Ever wanted the effect of a professional display of confetti to come cascading down at your event?
The Kaboom range of handheld confetti cannons offer a cost effective alternative to :- professional onsite service or even professional self fire cannons.

Your choice of custom filled colours allow you to use these cannons and be limited only by your imagination.

Gender Reveal Handheld Confetti Cannons

From: $44.95

NOTE: Bulk Pricing Available

Available in a choice of two awesome sizes.
50cm and 80cm units.

Want to share the anticipation and excitement that is finding out the gender of your unborn child with your parents, family and friends?
Then our Handheld Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons are perfect.

Kaboom Handheld Streamer Cannons

From: $47.95

NOTE: Bulk Pricing Available

Available in a choice of two professional sizes.
50cm and 80cm units.

We are one of very few companies worldwide who offer the availability of custom filling your units with one or a range of flame retardant, double rolled metallic streamers. (stock colours only)

Pro-Series Remote Controlled Confetti Cannons

From: $49.95 (Incl GST)

Do you have an event where you want to feel like a triumphant sporting hero on the podium with confetti flying around you? Or similar to your favourite Hollywood starlet walking the red carpet with bursts of confetti showering the crowd?

Conveniently launch one or more confetti cannons from a pocket sized key switch, up to 20 metres away! No more wires to deal with, no barrels to load, no setup time, and no extra personnel to have on staff. Just carry it out, place it, and walk away.

240v Fog Machine Hire (Victoria Only)

From: $25.00 (Incl GST)

Fog machines or smoke machines as they are sometimes called are one of the most popular and affordable party effects available.

Our fog machine is perfect for wedding dance floors or anywhere that requires this type of special effect.

The fog reacts great with lighting effects creating a spellbounding atmosphere.

240v Bubble Machine Hire (Victoria Only)

From: $28.00 (Incl GST)

Life is better with bubbles!

There is something magical about those shiny little sphere’s floating through the air…every child (and those who are children at heart) loves them!

This bubble machine just needs to be plugged in to a standard power supply and the result is bubbles galore.

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