Gender Reveal Handheld Confetti Cannons

From: $44.95$56.95

Discounts apply for purchase of multiple handheld confetti cannons:
5-9 cannons = 15% discount
10-19 cannons = 20% discount
20+ cannons = 25% discount 

Available in a choice of three awesome sizes.
A twin pack of compact 30cm units, or great 50cm units or awesome party starters our 80cm units.
Want to share the anticipation and excitement that is finding out the gender of your unborn child with your parents, family and friends?
Then our Handheld Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons are perfect.
Want to really share the fun – then check out our Handheld Flix Stix perfect for every guest at your event.
Our cannons are discreetly all black have no external markings of the colours inside.
You’ve already organized the excitement, invite the crowd and we will bring the excitement!

Simply order online – taking down your order number.
One of our friendly team will email you within 24hours (if you haven’t received anything please check your junk folder) on ways for your doctor or friend to contact us with the sex of your child and your order number – We do the rest!

If you are after smoke/powder cannons please head to this page on our website.

Duty of Care and Instructions

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Contents of your cannon

You know your event better than us – please tell us what kind of confetti cannon you would like.

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Gender Reveal Handheld Confetti Cannons

We know the importance of this event!
We know of the excitement of what is to come!

That is why we HAND fill each and every cannon!

We currently stock the 30cm (45 + gram ),  50cm (90+ gram) and the huge 80cm (180+gm) units.

When you select the confetti option we use 2cm x 5cm rectangles as our standard fill, which ensures great float time and easy removal at end of event.
All of the paper confetti is biodegradable and flameproof.
The metallic is flame retardant but not biodegradable, so is only suitable for use indoors.
Additional options are our Xtreme Bio Rice Paper Fetti which is the most dis-solvable confetti available making it perfect for outside areas with high environmental concearns such as at the beach.

Pricing is dependent on the number of units purchased at a given time, your location and fill contents (freight additional).

Please Note:-
As all good air hostess and hosts say – “items may have moved during transit.”
We suggest that you get your order shipped to a friends place so that they can open the parcel….just in case any coloured items have made there way loose in transit. Whilst we do everything in our power we can not be held responsible once the order is shipped.
Australia Wide Delivery

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Kaboom Gender Reveal 50cm (High Pressure), Kaboom Gender Reveal 80cm (High Pressure), Kaboom Gender Reveal 30cm (2 pack High Pressure), Cannon and Flix Stix Package SAVE $$$, 40cm Wonder Cannon, 100cm