Stay Attached Hand Throw Streamers


Fabulous Streamers. No Cleanup Required.
Simple cups of streamers that stay attached to the cup to enable fast and efficient clean up.
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Fabulous Streamers. No Cleanup Required.  

Slide your finger through the loop. Rotate to tighten cup to your finger. Turn the cup with its lid facing up. Peel off the lid and set your thumb across the streamers to hold them in place. When the big moment comes, toss your hand up and out. Dozens of bright silver 5 metre streamers will cascade "out of nowhere." The dynamic waterfall effect of these slender serpentines makes for great photos.

Competition Stage? Picky Venue?

The signature feature of these Hand throw Streamers is that they stay attached. They are particularly good for hotels and sensitive wedding venues that otherwise do not usually allow streamers or confetti. They are also perfect for dance performances and choral competitions that demand each act leave the stage pristine.

Stay Attached Hand throw Streamers are a little hand to understand…they are such a unique fun product.

Why not look at this Youtube video to get an idea, if Hand throw streamers are what you require.

How are we over $1.40 per unit cheaper than our competitors?
It is simple!
We at Kaboom Confetti buy in volume. We pass on our volume buying power to you the customer.

Available in metallic silver only or the massivley popular metallic mixed streamers.


Additional information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
Streamer Colour

Silver, Metallic Mixed

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