Holi Powder Cannon


Discounts apply for purchase of multiple handheld confetti cannons:
5-10 cannons = 15% discount
11-19 cannons = 20% discount
20+ cannons = 25% discount

We Love Powder!
It is big, bright, and easy to clean up.
Our Holi Powder Cannons are a great, unique and very special way of celebrating a significant moment in ones life.
The cannon is for single use ONLY.

As Holi powder by nature is very fine, we offer three different sizes and two different options.
The 50cm unit can be purchased prefilled with blue or pink powder – please write gender in customer notes at checkout or if you don’t know gender please follow directions below.
The 30cm and 80cm units are user filled. We supply the empty cannon and satchels of powder for you (or a trusted friend) to load at your location. Great if you are only having the scan very close in time to your event.
All of our cannons are discreetly wrapped in black with not indication of the colour inside.

Simply order online – taking down your order number.
One of our friendly team will email you within 24hours (if you haven’t received anything please check your junk folder) on ways for your doctor or friend to contact us with the sex of your child and your order number – We do the rest!

Duty of Care and Instructions

Loading of Holi powder instructions



As is the same with our confetti cannons the 50cm unit has twice as much fill as out 30cm units, and the 80cm units have twice as much fill as the 50cm units.

To fire simply rotate the tube’s base clockwise while holding onto the superior part of the cannon with the other hand.

You can wear white and turn yourself into the color portrait for your reveal.
Get creative with these cannons with the classic sky shot or powder battle!

These cannons are for outdoor use ONLY.
Eye protection MUST be worn.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Kaboom 30cm (Twin Pack), Kaboom 50cm, Kaboom 80cm


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Pink, Unknown Gender Delivery, Unknown Gender Pick up ONLY

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