Handheld Streamer Cannons

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Discounts apply for purchase of multiple Handheld Streamer Cannons:
5-10 cannons = 13% discount
11-20 cannons = 18% discount
21+ cannons = 25% discount

Available in two awesome sizes:-  a professional 50cm size, and the big impact 80cm unit We are one of very few companies worldwide who offer the availability of custom filling your units with one or a range of flame retardant, double rolled metallic streamers. (stock colours only) These simple to operate, manually-fired cannons deliver an impressive effect for a surprisingly low cost. These units are great for when you want to make a statement.
Duty of care and Instructions
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Kaboom Confetti Handheld Streamer Cannons

Do you have an event that needs to go off with a bang but without the massive clean up costs charged by some venues?

Then our Handheld Streamer Cannons are the perfect option.
We have worked tirelessly with venues to create an effect that gives the instant WOW of confetti without the intense clean up at the end.
These units are the ultimate professional tool when it comes to single use streamer cannons.
We run two different size cannons to cater for all of your streamer cannon needs!
A 50cm unit and big 80cm versions.<br.>

With free customization to the colours you want or simply go with mixed either way these units come with free oooOOOOOooo and Ahhhhhhs from the crowd!

<br>Pricing is dependent on the number of units purchased at a given time and on your location. (freight additional)<br>

<br>Duty of care and Instructions <br>

<br>Make sure you check out our blog to review articles related to this product.

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Kaboom Streamer 50cm, Kaboom Streamer 80cm