Annual Awards Event

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Whilst January brings a new year it also means the end of another, and with it a mental time to look back and access many things; possibly an individual’s family life, or ones’ business, or to set goals for the future or maybe a bit of both.
It also is the time for annual awards to be announced and it seems not only have done it again, but we have done better!!! have declared Star Decor Group which we are part of the: -
MOST POPULAR party and event supplier in North Western Melbourne

Eighth most popular supplier in Melbourne

And the tenth most popular supplier in the entire state of Victoria!
Read about the awards here.

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Receiving these awards aren’t possible without the awesome clients and venues we have, who let us on a daily basis create amazing events trusting in our vast experience and imagination that puts us at the forefront of creative event supply.

With that in my mind we humbly say thank-you we appreciate the trust you place in our family run business and to those who ‘found’ us for the first time in 2017 – Welcome to the Family we will see each other again very soon as every year you have a birthday (what I don’t need to remind you), every year your child or partner has a birthday, you may change jobs, find that special someone,  get married, have a child, or host a special event – either way we look forward to catching up real soon.

Whilst this was a hosted awards evening if you yourself are in charge of hosting an annual awards event why not contact us today to see what we can do for you?