Confetti TV Commerical – AAMI

Just like the AAMI insurance nation wide television commercial states, we too, at Kaboom Confetti are looking to help customers get more value.
The old adage "More BANG for YOUR Buck!" Could never ring more true.
When it comes to confetti whether it is confetti for TV Commercials or a simple at home party that needs confetti we are someone you can trust for the best quality confetti cannons - no insurance company required!

It doesn't matter if your thinking mixed coloured paper confetti, or in the case of this TV commercial a specific colour custom fill - here at Kaboom Confetti it is all the same price.
Yes you heard correctly, custom fill is the same great value!
That is why Kaboom Confetti is the leader in custom filled confetti cannons in Australia.
With Australian wide delivery even if you live just past Whoop Whoop to the left of Shipp Creek!*

And yes we are excited! You can be too!
Contact us today.
or if you need insurance contact AAMI

and just like AAMI order online and you can save...but unlike AAMI we don't cap your savings at $50!