Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are a modern trend where expectant parents tell family and friends their baby's biological sex, often in creative ways involving pink and blue colours.
Whilst everyone has their own special way of announcing to the world they are having a daughter or a son at their Gender Reveal Party.
We at Kaboom Confetti suggest you don't go to this extreme!

While this video supplied by Melody Kliebert shows her son Mike Kliebert, who runs Kliebert's Turtle and Alligator Farm in Hammond, Louisiana, finding out the gender of his third child.
It isn't everyone who is a professional alligator farmer or has access to an alligator to chomp a watermelon.

For everyone else we suggest using our Gender Reveal Cannons -
A couple of simple 'clicks' and one or more gender reveal cannons can be on the way to your event.

What we've seen is that the majority of parents who hold gender reveal parties are simply looking to capture and share special milestone moments throughout their pregnancy journey in a more public way — with both friends and families who can be at the same location or on the other side of the world.
It is one of few true surprises in life.

We here at Kaboom Confetti would be honoured if you would share your special announcement and celebration with us.

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