Cheap Confetti Cannons

When searching for cheap confetti cannons online it is easy to be blinded by the promise of professional confetti cannons for unbelievable prices! Or even lower!!!

Cheap Confetti Cannons

BUY ONE from our “COMPETITION” by all means.
I bet no other company says to buy from someone else!
However don’t be disappointed when you can count the strips of confetti on one hand, or when you do shoot the cannon and it is filled with irregular shreds (floor scrapings) and it goes bang, pop, whizz and fires a total of two metres. (I'd suggest buying from us early to ensure you have the cannons for your special event).

We at Kaboom confetti aim to supply great quality products at a great price – as we want to have repeat customers and be the ones you call for all your;
Birthday confetti cannons,
New Years Eve confetti cannons,
Celebration confetti cannons,
Wedding confetti cannons,
Gender Reveal confetti cannons,
Even if you need confetti cannons for a corporate event!

When looking to buy those cheap confetti cannons ask the questions:-|
How far will these confetti cannons actually shoot?
How much fill is in these confetti cannons?

If the store can not answer that question then ask yourself are they a professional confetti company or a glorified $2 Variety store?
If they can THEN compare the confetti cannons and pick the best one for your event and needs.

Sounds like you need to contact us to discuss which confetti cannon suits your requirements.