Wedding Confetti and Wedding Confetti Balloons

Wedding Confetti and Wedding Confetti Balloons I do balloons | I Do Confetti

While in Melbourne it is cold weather right now, it is the perfect time to sit in front of an open fire and start planning your spring wedding. You may be considering wedding confetti and wedding confetti balloons. We get many clients contacting us confused with the confetti selections on Etsy and other online and…

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Cheap Confetti Cannons

Cheap Confetti Popper Sydney

When searching for cheap confetti cannons online it is easy to be blinded by the promise of professional confetti cannons for unbelievable prices! Or even lower!!! BUY ONE from our “COMPETITION” by all means. I bet no other company says to buy from someone else! However don’t be disappointed when you can count the strips…

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How many Confetti Cannons do I need?

Confetti Cannon | Confetti Cannons Need? | Confetti Cannons

I’m having an event – how many confetti cannons do I need? Each event is unique. In most cases, it is recommended to shoot confetti cannons in pairs to provide symmetry and even coverage. But how many do I need? It depends on the area that you want covered in confetti or streamers. We suggest…

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Wedding Confetti Cannons

Wedding Confetti Cannons | Australia | Kaboom Confetti | Pro-series Remote Controlled Two Barrel Confetti Cannon Launcher

We have all seen the photos; a bride and groom leaving their ceremony, happy as can be, and there’s a fun something flying in the air. Rice, flower petals, glitter, bubbles, and confetti. While there are several alternatives, with the majority being biodegradable, there are factors that one must consider when selecting the best option…

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