How many Confetti Cannons do I need?

I'm having an event - how many confetti cannons do I need?
Each event is unique.
In most cases, it is recommended to shoot confetti cannons in pairs to provide symmetry and even coverage.
But how many do I need?
It depends on the area that you want covered in confetti or streamers.
We suggest to fire / place confetti cannons every 3-4 metres to get the maximum coverage.
To visually picture this at your venue - Imagine a tennis court where  you are standing on the base line, at the singles sideline. (Red and Blue Dots on image)
Aim for the yellow on the net.

Confetti Cannon Melbourne

If your area is bigger than half a tennis court then we would suggest more cannons.

If you want big impact then use a bigger cannon.
The 80cm units contain twice as much fill as the 50cm units, which in turn have twice as much fill as the 28cm units.

Should I use tissue or metallic confetti?
Metallic, or Mylar, is a reflective material that reflects light. This is perfect for brightly lit stages or natural sunlight. Tissue is generally a more affordable option and will float longer in the air since it weighs less.

Each cannon is packed on weight so either way you guaranteed a great result.

Me and You forever | Metallic Gold Confetti

What are the pros and cons of confetti versus streamers?
Confetti will generally provide you with the longest-lasting effect. The duration will depend on how much confetti you launch and for how long. Streamers are a single shot effect, however, multiple shots can be arranged to create a “streamer show”. As for cleanup, streamers are by far easier to clean up since they can be bundled together quickly.

Do the confetti cannon make noise?
Yes, the confetti cannon will make a pop when they are fired. It is not extremely loud, but we suggest warning older people or those guests who have a heart condition.
Even better get them to fire the cannons!