Pro-series Remote Controlled Single Barrel Confetti Cannon Launcher (lithium battery)

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HIRE ONLY – Subject to availability, and Hire request form completion. Want to know the gender of your child? KABOOM! Want to celebrate getting married? KABOOM! Want to party well into the night? KABOOM! It doesn’t matter the event – it is always more fun with confetti! With our Pro-series Single Barrel Remote Controlled Confetti Cannon Launcher everyone can launch their own confetti shower with the touch of a button. Simply slide a confetti cannon tube into the outlet, connect the attached plug and stand back. Grab your remote and have a blast. And because you are hiring the Pro-series Remote Controlled Single Barrel Confetti Cannon from Kaboom Confetti you can custom fill your confetti tubes any colour mix you like at no additional cost! Requires Electric Confetti or Streamer Cannons to be purchased separately depending on your events requirements. Duty of Care and Instructions You will need to contact us to complete Hire forms before being able to add item to your shopping/hire cart.

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Best of all no pyrotechnics license required!

A cost effective piece of equipment - whom ever is paying for the event will love as these units are dramatically less expensive than previous model CO2 Blasters which require a licensed technician on site, but still give amazing results!
Compare and save!
A single Pro-series cannon at your event for nearly $100 compared to $350 plus for a Co2 Blaster and operator.

Just like our handheld confetti cannons we offer as one of very view companies worldwide who offer the availability of custom filling your units with one or a range of flame retardant, biodegradable paper confetti colours at NO EXTRA CHARGE. (stock colours and sizes only)
Want to add some sparkle?
For a small fee we can upgrade your cannons to contain metallic confetti or streamers or both!
Having an outside event with high environmental sensitivity?
Select our Xtreme Bio-fetti for rapid environmental breakdown of confetti.

All of the paper confetti is biodegradable and flameproof.
The metallic is flame retardant but not biodegradable, so is only suitable for use indoors.
We use 2cm x 5cm rectangles as our standard fill, which ensures great float time and easy removal at end of event.

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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm