Pro-series Remote Controlled Electronic Confetti Cannons (Cartridges)

From: $49.95

Discounts apply for purchase of multiple cannon cartridges:-
6-10 cannons = 13% discount
11-20 cannons = 18% discount
21+ cannons = 25% discount

Cartridges are Single operation ONLY

These units can ONLY operate with the use of:-
Pro-series Remote Controlled Single Output Confetti Cannon Launcher Pro-series Remote Controlled Two Output Confetti Cannon Launcher Pro-series Remote Controlled Four Output Confetti Cannon Launcher

With the aid of the Kaboom Confetti Pro-series Remote Controlled Electronic Confetti Cannons you get to feel like a triumphant sporting hero on the podium with confetti flying around you? Or what it is like for your favourite Hollywood starlet walking the red carpet with bursts of confetti showering the crowd? Conveniently launch one or more confetti cannons from a pocket sized key switch, up to 15 metres away! No more wires to deal with, no barrels to load, no setup time, and no extra personnel to have on staff. Just carry it out, place it, and walk away.
Duty of Care and Instructions

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Paper Confetti Colours

Please tell us the confetti colours you would like in your cannon. For an outside event we recommend either standard paper only or our Xtreme Bio Rice Paper Fetti due to the biodegradability of this product.

Metallic Confetti Colours

For mix of two or more colours please select mixed and then in customer notes list colours.

XTreme Bio Rice Paper Fetti (+ $6)

When having an outside event and you need the most environmentally friendly confetti option.


Pro-series Remote Controlled Electronic Confetti Cannons

Best of all no pyrotechnics license required!

A cost effective piece of equipment - whom ever is paying for the event will love as these units are dramatically less expensive than previous model CO2 Blasters while still giving amazing results without the need for a costly licensed technician on site!
Compare and save!
A single Pro-series cannons at your event from under $100 compared to hundreds for a Co2 Blaster and operator.

Just like our handheld confetti cannons we are one of very view companies worldwide who offer the availability of custom filling your units with one or a range of flame retardant, biodegradable paper confetti colours at NO EXTRA CHARGE. (stock colours and sizes only)
Want to add some sparkle?
For a small fee we can upgrade your cannons to contain metallic confetti or streamers or both!
Having an outside event with high environmental sensitivity?
Select our Xtreme Bio-fetti for rapid environmental breakdown of confetti.

All of the paper confetti is biodegradable and flameproof.
The metallic is flame retardant but not biodegradable, so is only suitable for use indoors.
We use 2cm x 5cm rectangles as our standard fill, which ensures great float time and easy removal at end of event.

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Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 60 × 7 × 7 cm