Say “I do” to biodegradable confetti for outside events

Imagine this. A picture-perfect summer wedding. A joyful graduation ceremony donned in white. A child’s birthday party bubbling with excitement. Having been in quarantine for what feels like forever, it’s safe to say that most of us have been itching for a good party. While we won’t be having big get-togethers anytime soon, we can…

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Cheap Holi Powder Cannon – A Warning

Holi powder Cannon | Smoke Cannons

Holi powder! Throwing powder or colour run powder. No matter what you call it, the use in mainstream events has grown exponentially. Its use is an increasing way of having fun, traditionally it was used  to commemorate the advent of the spring. Increasingly it can be seen at other events such as large fundraisers, wide-ranging…

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