Say “I do” to biodegradable confetti for outside events

Imagine this.
A picture-perfect summer wedding.
A joyful graduation ceremony donned in white. A child’s birthday party bubbling with excitement.
Having been in quarantine for what feels like forever, it’s safe to say that most of us have been itching for a good party. While we won’t be having big get-togethers anytime soon, we can still plan for the ones in the future.
From balloons to streamers to perfect little gift bags, there’s a lot of plan and a lot of materials to get.
However, choosing incorrectly could result in these materials can also have a tremendously negative environmental impact.
Confetti in particular has garnered a bad rap in recent years for being a large source of waste. Some churches and ceremony venues have even banned the glittery bits of paper or plastic due to the sheer difficulty of cleaning them up once the party’s over.
The tradition of throwing rice has been brought up as a more eco-friendly alternative, but this can pose a threat to birds and other local wildlife.

When supplying confetti cannons Kaboom Confetti tries to educate our customers and venues and ascertain whether the event is an inside or outside event.
With an inside event we can provide metallic or bio-degradable paper confetti. Whilst outside events are suggested to select confetti from either the biodegradable paper or our Xtreme Biofetti - the ultimate in biodegradable confetti whilst still giving a great visual effect.

So if you are having an outside event consider using one of these plant-based alternatives at your next big celebration: the planet will be a much happier party host with these sustainable options in it.

Biodegradable confetti

Xtreme Biofetti is the leading water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable confetti on the market! Water-soluble and completely biodegradable, made from sustainable rice paper, for use outdoors. Biofetti will magically disappear when it gets wet simply hose it away or let nature help with the clean-up.

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