Wedding Confetti and Wedding Confetti Balloons

Wedding Confetti Cannon

While in Melbourne it is cold weather right now, it is the perfect time to sit in front of an open fire and start planning your spring wedding.
You may be considering wedding confetti and wedding confetti balloons.

We get many clients contacting us confused with the confetti selections on Etsy and other online and DIY websites. Not just confetti but also the choice in confetti balloons too!

When someone asks us about wedding confetti and wedding confetti balloons. Our answer to them is always just one simple word :- TRUST.

Weddign Confetti Cannons | Wedding Confetti Balloons

Do you trust a person ‘doing it from a spare bedroom at their house’ to supply confetti on your BIG DAY with no delays?
Do you trust a person ‘doing it from their garden shed to supply confetti that doesn’t run and ruin your priceless dress?
Do you trust a person ‘doing it from home in their garage’ or even worse unknown on ebay to supply balloons that don’t burst?

Ask yourself why are they only doing it from home?

Sure you may save yourself a dollar or two but when it all goes wrong or you can’t inflate the balloons less than 24hours before your one off event have you actually saved yourself a dollar?
Or the balloons burst - what now?
Or the confetti is clumped together - what then?

You are meant to enjoy your wedding day!

Confetti balloons make an adorable photo prop for brides and grooms and can add a wow factor to the decor at any wedding reception.
Confetti at weddings can be sophisticated, fun or just downright whimsical... isn’t it time you spoke to the experts in wedding confetti and wedding confetti balloons?

Wedding Confetti | Wedding Confetti Balloons

Ohhh and in case your wondering the tradition of throwing confetti goes back to Pagan & Roman times, when a newly-wed couple had rice or wheat thrown over them to symbolise fertility & bestow prosperity on their marriage.
The reason why we love confetti on the wedding day is that everyone is just so… well… HAPPY!

Now for the question every couple asks –
What type of confetti is best & how much do we need?

These days there are so many different types of confetti.
Our personal favourite is still the old-fashioned paper confetti which has been coloured to suit your events theme and style.
Most confetti you buy today is indeed biodegradable with a  whole range of rainbow colours in dissolvable paper so this doesn’t limit you to dried flowers, which will stick in your hair!
What we recommend is the 2cm x 5cm confetti is best – too small & it won’t show up on photographs & will stick in everyone’s hair for the rest of the day, too big (such as rose petals) & it just falls to the ground too quickly.
A good flutter is best and everyone wants a good flutter, so go for the paper confetti option!
When it comes to how much do you need, most places recommend a handful for each person – my top tip for confetti is remove the handful measurement entirely - simply chose our Handheld Flix Stix and get the bridal party to launch a few confetti cannons...and warn the photographer so you can get some epic photographs and enjoy the really amazing confetti experience!

Wedding Confetti