Weddings in 2021

Wedding plans in 2021 have been thrown again - but this time it's the increase in the number of guests allowed that's a problem.

While we have found many brides and grooms are excited about the prospect of being able to go finally ahead with their wedding, with more guests allowed, some are frustrated by the timing.

“Is it only me that wants to cry?
On the Sunday we are meant to be getting married, we can only have 10 people and then 2 days later goes to 100ppl.
Shattered ,” is the common comment found just about on every page of online wedding forums

Many have already postponed their wedding date several times due to the pandemic.
Other comments are showing bewilderment at the fact it was a huge jump to go from 10 to 100 people.

“So disappointed. Had all my hopes up that the guests could increase, but what a horrible outcome for us,” another bride wrote.

No matter the numbers Kaboom Confetti can help make any event special.

Weddings in 2021

Where guests numbers are restricted the timeless tradition of throwing confetti over the happy newlyweds is alive and well today. What has changed though, gone are the days where brightly coloured paper confetti became a slushy mess on the grass after a shower of rain.

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