Biodegradable Confetti

There is nothing more fun than frolicking through a cloud of biodegradable celebratory confetti. Launching things in the air is a timeless staple of any celebration. There is something so exciting about letting loose – hurling something into the wide blue sky to express the deepest joy. But there is a downside to all that hurling: waste. Traditional confetti falls everywhere: in your hair, on your clothes, and on the ground. All of those tiny pieces can be a real mess, especially if they aren’t environmentally safe. Protect nature and have fun with our Biodegradable Confetti - Xtreme Biofetti. YAY!

Our customers are always asking about "eco or biodegradable" varieties of confetti, and for the most part the answer can be lightly confusing. However we'll start by explaining what our biodegradable confetti  - Xtreme Biofetti is.

Our Xtreme Biofetti isn't made of normal paper. It's made of rice paper and breaks down immediately upon touch with water. Imagine if you boil rice in a pot then drain the water, the starchy looking stuff on the sides flake off and are similar to what our eco confetti is made from.

Our standard fill Paper Confetti takes a bit longer to break down. Our paper confetti is a lot like tissue paper. Once wet it becomes incredibly soft and begins to decompose into the soil making it safe for outdoors use as it won't damage the environment. What it will do is look messy for a few days, or at least until it next rains when it can begin to break down and become one with nature again by composting itself.

Both biofetti and paper confetti are safe for use outdoors and will have no long lasting effects on the environment. You may only need to tell your venue how long it will take to dissolve.
For the majority of events we recommend paper over xtreme biofetti confetti as it provides a superior effect, more colour and distributes itself further as it won't stick together when exposed to humid weather, and being heavier in weight travels further.
Think of throwing a dry cloth, now wet that cloth and throw it - it is exactly the same as confetti - the heavier the confetti the further our cannons can fire it!
However here at Kaboom Confetti we are proud to supply our Xtreme Biofetti in cannons direct to some wedding venues that are located in the UNESCO World heritage listed area that is Australia's Great Barrier Reef - as it is that good!
You can purchase our confetti whether it is paper, metallic or our xtreme biofetti either pre-loaded in our confetti cannons or in bulk in 250gramms, 500gramms or 1kilogram bags.