Geelong Library & Heritage Centre 1,000,000 Visitors

The Geelong Library & Heritage Centre were thrilled recently to welcome Amy and her children to 'the Dome'. In doing so they became the one-millionth visitor since opening a little over two years ago in November 2015.

How do you welcome your one-millionth visitor?

With a bit of pizzazz of course!

Deputy Mayor Peter Murrihy and Geelong Regional Libraries CEO Patti Manolis helped to celebrate this outstanding milestone.
It was so much fun here is another video!

It isn't every day you get to welcome a million guests and it certainly isn't every day that you get to fire Streamer Cannons in a Library...and do it loud!
You don't have to have a large library or event space at your fingertips to enjoy our Confetti Cannons or Streamer Cannons. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we can suggest the best variant to make sure your event - whether it is your grand opening or millionth visitor goes off with a KABOOM!