New Years Eve Confetti Cannons

New Year Clock | New years Eve Confetti Cannons

Are you looking for New Years Eve Confetti Cannons?

Tick, Tick, Tick…..
New Years eve is nearly upon us….

Have you organized for the tick tick tick to end in a boom?

Followed by squeals of excitement and cheers from your guests!
It doesn't matter if you are the event manager of a large dance club or simply a few friends celebrating at your own home.

Kaboom Confetti is the supplier of choice for affordable New Years Eve Confetti cannons for many venues, groups and individuals Australia wide.
Just in the last week making events at Hammer Hall and Rod Laver Arena a memorable experience for all concerned.

The advantage of the Kaboom confetti handheld confetti cannon is quite simple:-
NO pyrotechnics licence required making them extremely cost effective, and as you are purchasing direct from the importer you getting the best ‘boom for your buck’.
You can even purchase just one cannon!

With varying pricing triggers at 6, 11, and 20 units and three different sizes, 30cm, 50cm and 80cm, we can cater for any size venue and any budget. Allowing you to have the same buying power as large scale events!

Unlike the majority of confetti cannon distributors worldwide at Kaboom confetti with the Kaboom Confetti series YOU can even select the colours in YOUR confetti cannons for the same price!! Or for a small additional fee even just streamers!

To ensure supply we would love to hear from you as soon as possible … and remember it’s free to chat and discuss your requirements with one of the most awarded event decoration teams in Australia.

Tick, Tick, Tick....