Wedding Confetti Cannons

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We have all seen the photos; a bride and groom leaving their ceremony, happy as can be, and there’s a fun something flying in the air.

Rice, flower petals, glitter, bubbles, and confetti.

While there are several alternatives, with the majority being biodegradable, there are factors that one must consider when selecting the best option for your wedding.

Rice packed in a cannon can be heavy, small in particle size and difficult to make into bold colours.

Flower petals cannons while extremely romantic and pretty, are moist and can stick together.

Glitter cannons while dramatic and photographs amazingly can be gritty and hang around for ever.

Bubbles machines add a fun level to any event but wedding dresses and bubbles need to be keep separate to avoid leaving everlasting stains, on a day where you only want everlasting memories.

Confetti Cannons for Wedding

This leaves us with confetti cannons, which is by far and away our favourite option. With the ability to alter the shape, size and colour. Confetti has varying levels of colourfastness and biodegradability, perfect for the large scale indoor wedding right down to a humble barefoot beach wedding.

At Kaboom Confetti we are concerned members of society and as such can suggest the best option in regards to confetti for your wedding depending on the venues requirements. We use quality paper, metallic and extreme biofetti rectangles measuring 2.5cm x 5cm and 20metre long metallic streamers to ensure easy clean up whilst ensuring the best effect for you.

Confetti cannons are what we do – doesn’t it make sense to contact someone who knows their product rather than simply buying poor quality shredded paper cannons from an online supplier who also sell hundreds of cheap imported non related products – or are you willing to risk your wedding day?